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We believe that you know best how to run your business so we don't present Purebiz and say "This is how you do it" rather we ask "How do YOU want to do it?" and then make Purebiz work the way you want it to. Purebiz is already a comprehensive business software suite. With your input we can make it nearly perfect for your business.



Purebiz is customisable framework that is designed to be changed to meet your needs. We can show or hide elements to simplify use, add new processes or alter existing ones.


Purebiz is intended to be a complete business system. All of your data in one place so that it is all accessable to all of your business processes.

Hybrid Cloud Data Storage

Data is stored both locally and in the cloud. This means that your data is both fast to access, easily available anywhere and safe.


Purebiz has a comprehensive and easy to use set of accounting features.

Customer Relationship Management

The customer relationship management features allow you to build and track your contacts, negotiations and corespondance with not just your customers but also any business or person.

Document Management

Documents are stored in the database and so are backed up along with the rest of your data. They can be attached to almost any object (person, account, company, payment etc) and filed in a tree structure.

Task Management

Delegate and track tasks easily. Rate their importantance and urgency.