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About Purebiz

About Purebiz

The story and ideas behind Purebiz.


The ideas behind Purebiz come from many places. I will talk about these below but first a few techical details. Written in C#.net which is a great language to use and it uses MySQL to store its data. I have built in provision for MS-SQL but these classes are not finished yet so it is not supported at the moment. Someone is bound to ask for it. The Hybrid Cloud Data Storage was developed by us, we decided to do this because I don't trust the "cloud" only solutions. I want to know exactly where my data is and be able to recover it quickly if I have to. What you see today is the second major version of Purebiz, we have been using it in house for more than two years. I began writing the first version in 2004 and it used to be called AMS.

A lot of the ideas in Purebiz have come from experience. Here are a few:

I need information, now!

I once ran business with about 10 employees. I was very busy. I had an employee come to me and say " I don't think you pay me enough. I think I am worth more.". so I asked myself how much was this person worth and with the accounting software and other systems that we used I could not answer that question easily. This is one of the things that the Associate Management System in Purebiz will do. You will know how much each Associate is worth to the dollar.

Budgeting was also inadequate. Sure you could set budgets in the accounting system but they did not tell you anything about how your earnings compare with your spending, how much do we need to make each week to cover our bills? A lot of processes in Purebiz run on a weekly basis, I don't want to wait for the end of the month before I know how we are tracking. Purebiz allows you to track your performance item by item every week.

Change business culture

Purebiz's Associate Management System can change the culture of a business, at least in the way employees view costs. When run open Associates know that every dollar that is spent on photocopier toner, mobile phones etc is a dollar that is unavailable to be paid to them. To run open is a bold thing to do and it needs management but it makes you think. It makes everyone think. It is like profit sharing but in a much more involved way. See the Feature Article on the Associate Management system for more details.


When I was selling accounting software we used to talk to our prospective customers about how closely our product matched their requirements. It was rarely 100%. If we got to about 80% or 90% they would start to talk about how they could work around this and that. Sometimes they would buy and other times they found a closer fit elsewhere. We began to write custom modules that would plug in to handle important requirements. This was a successful approach until the accounting software vendor changed their program in some way and broke our add on. This became hard work in the end and the customer did not want to pay for something we broke and rightfully so. With Purebiz we have complete control over the entire program and we can change any part of it without disruption. This is a big positive. I never liked our customers having to change the way they worked so they could fit in with us. Now they never have to.

We have written completely separate standalone software for our customers. But after you have done a few of these you notice that you are writing the same stuff. You know, logins, contacts etc. Now Purebiz comes with a standard set of features that we don't have to rewrite. It makes writing custom software cheaper for the customer and less boring for us. We can concentrate on the customer's special requirements, the things that give them a competative edge or are unique to their business model. Also there are gaps. The links between our software and others is not as robust as I would like or impossible to achive. And you have the old problem of keeping up to date when the other software vendors change their products.


Purebiz gets around this linking problem by keeping everything on one controlled package. You don't have to use it all if it does not suit, it depends on your requirements.

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